This is a great idea. ‘Nuff said. ♥♥♥


This is a great idea. ‘Nuff said. ♥♥♥

Show up in the middle of the night.
Knew it.
That’s all I’m going to say

Oh yes, super fuckin stoned Gavin is in bed. I crawl into bed and I get a text saying the sleepover is now coming over here. UGH. Be quiet is all I have to say.
Fuck off
I want Henry to be home 😩
I hate ducking cats (on another note) when you start shitting on the floor RIGHT BESIDE THE LITTER BOX, I start losing tolerance. Fuck this.

Well thank god you didn’t break that to me on the phone.

Like yeesh! If that was on the phone you would have HEARD the sound and depth of my disappointment 😩 this is so dumb!
Fuck this.
I’m going to have a smoke and go to bed.
This was supposed to be a good day!
Gah. Fuck a duck. BOOOOOO
Am I a toddler yet? Holy shit.
I’m just bitching here.
Well since were all ready at ‘er .
4.5 ounces of pot was sold this week! In 4 days actually haha!
But holy duck it’s been so busy, and I was so, SO excited today was Friday. Now I’m just like fuck this day, and fuck it’s dumb ass, bipolar weather too.
And I’m not even going to get my hopes up about tomorrow. So, whatever. I’ll smoke pot all day tomorrow and just be happy because I hate the measurement of time. It takes forever, especially when you’re missing someone. 💘

Some days I wonder how fried I really am. I cannot believe I accidentally sent that to the wrong person! Fuck sakes. I’m not hiding anything but my mom is nuts and I wish others didn’t have to witness such devastation. 😩

Okay, so today went pretty fantastic. Considering.
Gavin was good all day, got my tattoo with my brother, paid less then I expected to, and got some cleaning and shopping done, oh, laundry too.
But now Gavin is cranky, I didn’t really get to do what I needed to today
And it’s only Wednesday. I wish it was Friday. Holy shit
You’re moving a scary fucking house up in the air.
I guess the risk comes with the job but it’s a little concerning, if some idiot doesn’t do their job right people could get hurt and I don’t like those chances.
I can’t wait for you to come home, so I can just stare at you, or cuddle, just listening to you breathing, to just babble your ear off. Or even wait around for you to get back from a errand. Cause I know you’ll be home soon. That’s why I hate Monday- Fridays I know there’s a chance you’ll be far enough away that you won’t be home every night.
But work is work
Money is what you need to survive in this world.
Me and Gavin miss you so terribly much.

Okay, I’ve had it. It’s only been less then 24 hours and I miss you like being homesick for years.

I’m tired as shit. & I just wish Gavin would sleep through ONE night. Just one, I could go for another 3 months of sleeplessness all over again for one full night of sleep! 😔

I love mornings like these. ♥

Watching you with our son is like watching the sun rise, the beauty of it, or falling in love with you, all over again- harder, every moment. Just to exemplify.

I will never tire of this blissful feeling, everyday - I look forward to feeling. Even if it’s just texting, or all day with you around.

"So this is love" I can’t believe I thought love was anything less than this before. This is actual, and real.

Thank you.

I look forward to the rest of my life with you, that’s the least of what I plan on giving you in this lifetime. I can’t wait.

I’m looking 5, 10, 15 years down the road from now.

In 5 years, I see Gavin going to kindergarten, and me at home with a baby. I see all the love, and the trials set before us. But you know what? We’ve already overcome a lot in the first two months of our relationship alone, gracefully might I add. So, I think that we can accomplish anything  else that life throws at us, we can take it. As long as I have you by my side, I feel like I can take on the world and more.

Reading about this in books, is no justice to what it feels like. I’m so happy I actually found it. You gave it to me. Thank you again.

I love you babe. I could sit here and type everything all out at once, but in all honesty, I don’t have multiple hours to do it. and I like putting it up for you to read, piece by piece, that way we can keep it interesting. ♥


Omg, it’s really sad at how happy he makes me!!


Omg, it’s really sad at how happy he makes me!!

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Note to self:

Do not take an infant through a automatic car wash. That child will scream in terror or cry.
Note to Gavin:
I’m sorry baby, mommy didn’t mean for it to scare you.